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Comienza a transformar tu negocio desde adentro.


Te ayudamos a adoptar herramientas digitales que te ayuden a tener procesos más ágiles y a tomar decisiones basadas en información.


¿Sigues tratando de solucionar todo con la tecnología de Excel?


Digitalización, optimización y automatización de procesos para tu negocio.



We redesign and optimize processes based on lean management and six-sigma.



We focus on people though behavioral science and gamification techniques.



We develop and implement custom tools through collaboration sprints with you and your team. 

“They helped us define how we should work,

document and communicate better.” 

Constantino Madero, Partner at Lumbrera

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We go from redesign to and implementation to user training.
One process at a time.
Sales & Commercial
  • Client database
  • Sales funnel and opportunities
  • Proposals follow up
Logistics & Purchases
  • Purchase orders
  • Delivery dates and follow up
  • Inventory management
Design & Planning
  • Project management
  • File and document archive
  • Activity planning
Administration & Finance
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Payments and cash flow
  • Real time P&L reports
Operations & Control
  • Progress monitoring
  • KPI's and reporting
  • Automation of tasks
Human Resources
  • Team database
  • Attendance management
  • Hiring and organizational charts
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We aren't tied to any software platform,
we search for the tools that better suit your business.
¡Request a free diagnosis and let's get started!
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